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automate-it (a-it) is an Austrian company which focuses on successful automation projects built on BMC Software solutions. The success of a-it is built on multiple factors: a-it’s solutions and services are built on BMC Software solutions and the company was started by business professionals with a strong BMC and Enterprise Software background. a-it started to improve the BMC products by developing functional enhancements and innovative delivery procedures which are reverse engineered from real life customer situations and best practice use cases. In addition, a-it built it’s own product to enhance the great functionality of the BMC solutions and  which is also listed in the BMC pricelist . Consequently, a-it is not only a very experienced implementation partner, not only a product development partner but a combination of both. a-it customers benefit from that experience in multiple ways: a-it knows how to install, configure, operate and maintain the BMC solutions like no other company in the world. Implementation times are shortened. The solutions come with best practice approaches and enhancements.

We have developed our own self service hybrid cloud solution called APAC.