automate-it (a-it)

Registered (VAR)

Headquarter Austria

Brückenkopfgasse 1

Graz Steiermark, Austria

Regional Coverage

AP, Americas, EMEA

automate-it (a-it) is an Austrian company and BMC Partner since 2012. We are passionate about Server and Service Automation. We have developed a blueprint based, self-service, end-to-end hybrid server provisioning solution called LEON.

We are a BMC Technology Alliance Partner, Sales Partner, Professional Services Partner and have a service provider addendum to provide services using BMC solutions. Contact us ( if ·     

  • You want to use a self-service portal to manage the server lifecycle for all operating systems ·     
  • You want to provision servers into the private cloud and public clouds from one solution ·     
  • You are using TrueSight Server Automation but want to have a self-service portal with a blueprint based end-to-end provisioning ·     
  • You want a full company/tenant model on top of TSSA and use it to allow self-service management ·     
  • You are up against Service-Now and they attack you with a self-service portal for Server and service provisioning in the data center ·     
  • You want to connect DWPA with TSSA but they don’t talk to each other… ·     
  • You have BMC CLM and look for a more efficient and slim solution to do the same

Our customers say that ·     

  • we understand the business (we are in the automation business since 2012 and our founder and CEO has worked for BMC prior to starting the company) ·     
  • LEON is an efficient and powerful solution to manage the server lifecycle in hybrid clouds    

Company Solutions

LEON is a hybrid cloud, self-service, blueprint based Server/Service end2end management solution. The solut...
TrueSight Orchestration, TrueSight Server Automation