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BASISTEK, which started its activities in 2009 to provide consultancy services in the information sector, has an experienced staff of computer and software engineers. With its expert staff, it provides products, solutions and services to a wide range of customers by collaborating with the leading technology companies of the sector.

While BASISTEK celebrates its 11th year in the sector, it continues to offer sustainable technology solutions by constantly renewing itself in a sector that changes every day, such as technology.

BASISTEK has adopted the principle of providing competitive advantage to its customers as a reliable technology and business partner in a wide range from sectoral solutions to business solutions, from system integration studies to outsourcing, from service and maintenance services to consultancy. BASISTEK is one of the leading technology companies in Turkey with its rich business practices with its experienced employees with deep knowledge of infrastructure and management software.

BASISTEK meets all the information needs of medium and large-scale companies in the "most appropriate" conditions and with the "highest" quality desired by its customers.

Besides making serious investments in the software sector in Turkey, as well as with the sector's needs with tomorrow's engineers to produce a solution today it is one of our goals to serve the development of our country.

Approach BASISTEK provides solutions for digitizing and managing IT infrastructures, removing IT from being a cost center where routine tasks are carried out, and positioning it as a value-producing unit for the enterprise. All IT organizations become traceable and can be followed.

Our Power   It is our power to keep up with experience and change. We carry out all our works with regard to unconditional customer satisfaction. Together with our business partnerships with international software manufacturers, we offer solutions to the most complex needs by offering an enterprise-level software portfolio.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide services for sustainable technology solutions by constantly renewing itself with experienced and professional staff in an industry that is changing every day.

Our Vision To be an international IT solution provider that takes it forward, makes a difference with its knowledge and experience.

Our Quality Policy To provide quality service that is customer-oriented, sensitive to society, environment, legal regulations and laws, employee health and occupational safety, open to continuous improvement. We carry out all our works with regard to unconditional customer satisfaction.