BMC Client Management connector for MyIT Service Broker


Employees want software and services when they want, when they need, and “at your fingertips” easy. IT departments want a scalable, on-demand method to make software available to keep the business running. The BMC Client Management (BCM) connector enables a way where employees utilize their familiar MyIT UI to order a whole variety of services (via MyIT Service Broker) so they can get what they need to be successful. These services can be streamlined and managed from the IT department to enable a consumer-like experience for their customers – the employees.

Use Case Examples:

Right tools for the job: One of the frustrations to an employee is trying to get the software/applications needed in order to get the job done. With the BCM connector, an end-user goes through the familiar MyIT UI and gets to choose the software/application they need to install so they can start working on the tasks at hand. Once installed, the end-user can get important updates (i.e. patches, security provisos, etc…) because the system proactively can push these vital updates to keep things running smoothly.

Push Proactive: IT administrators can interconnect the powerful BCM endpoint system to the end-user friendly MyIT UI to provide a consumer-like experience while adhering to the necessary policies, procedures and regulations needed in the enterprise.