Connector for Amazon Web Services (AWS)


The Amazon Web Services (AWS) connector allows for a variety of account and services capabilities ranging from creation to management – all through the MyIT interface and MyIT Service Broker servicing.
AWS is one of the world’s leading IaaS providers and now employees can enjoy access to its services through their company’s account. The company’s IT department simply leverages the connector and configures it to the account. Once configured, IT can import services, add workflows, provide service catalogs, etc… The AWS connector lets an employee request AWS service(s) through the same familiar interface that the employee uses for all other needs to remain highly productive.

Use Case Examples:

Utilizing AWS services: An employee needs to utilize AWS for a company project. Using the AWS connector, the employee simply goes to the familiar MyIT UI and selects the service(s) needed on AWS to do the job. A variety of behind-the-scenes agents (via MyIT Service Broker) get launched from requesting new account access, applying authentication and security policies, to provisioning the new account and starting the new service(s). This also allows the employee to use the company licensing and provisos thereby avoiding costly personal expense and issues of integrating a personal account into a company’s one.

Activity/Licensing management: Through the connector method, IT administrators both provide an easy way for employees “time to productivity” to increase dramatically and a very modular approach to add/expand services and/or licenses to match demand. This helps reduce waste from buying too many licenses or having the wrong set of services. It also helps avoid the “Shadow IT” headaches that come when employees blend personal accounts into corporate ones.