Connector for BMC Atrium Orchestrator


The BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) connector enables MyIT and MyIT Service Broker users to leverage BAO as an automation engine: fulfillment of IT-focused end user requests. With the connector, BAO users can utilize their investments in IT process automation technology along with BAO’s wealth of connectivity and out of the box workflows all through the single interface of the MyIT UI and the powerful scalability of MyIT Service Broker.

Use Case Examples:

Fulfillment engine: Any BMC Atrium Orchestrator (BAO) workflow can be made available through the MyIT Service Broker interface. Typically these workflows will be attached to IT focused service offerings published through the MyIT Service Broker service catalog and will automate the fulfillment of end user requests for those services.

Example use cases may be tasks like requests for software deployments, requests for application access, user onboarding tasks, requests for more storage etc. So through the BAO connector, the end-user can query what BAO workflows are available and supported and get a full list back of what can be used for automated fulfillment use cases– all through the easy-to-use MyIT UI.