Connector for BMC Remedy


The BMC Remedy connector allows for complete access through the ITSM suite of applications through the MyIT UI and MyIT Service Broker servicing. Through the simple MyIT UI, end-users can generate a variety of activities from creating work orders to change management to incident/ticket creation and much more.

Use Case Examples:

Fixing an issue: An employee runs into an issue while using the BYOD device and has to contact IT for support. Using the Remedy connector, the employee simply goes to the familiar MyIT UI and selects the “IT HelpDesk” icon. Along with MyIT Service Broker, the Remedy connector serves up the right information in the form of FAQs, s/w patches and/or a way to implement a new help ticket request. The employee not only feels empowered and confident to fix but also receives excellent customer service that is normally associated with consumer items.

Consumer-like support: IT help desk managers can provide a variety of powerful support activities/services to their end-users without forcing them to go through multiple screens or burden with convoluted instructions. Through the connector method, managers provide the same UI their end-users are used to as well as not compromise the level of complexity of service needed in order to solve the issue(s). Plus, managers can extend this functionality across devices and be location independent.