Connector for Citrix XenApp


The Citrix XenApp connector for MyIT Service Broker enables end-users to securely access and interact with the Citrix XenApp solution. The Citrix XenApp connector allows powerful features like provisioning/de-provisioning or adding a new catalog or creating a delivery group, among many others.

Use Case Examples:
Provisioning: A new employee wants to get access to an active directory. The employee can initiate a simple, ‘one-click’ request in the familiar MyIT interface. Behind the scenes, the request goes through MyIT Service Broker and the Citrix XenApp connector and then through approval engine to get setup. The employee is not exposed at all to this complex, multi-faceted inner workings. Instead, the employee experiences a quick, seamless status response that toggles from ‘in-progress’ to ‘completed’ – all with just clicking on a single icon.

Workflow: IT administrators can use the connector to interface to Citrix XenApp solution but also create custom workflows to setup the right provisioning and security protocols. They can use the simple but powerful ‘drag-and-drop’ workflow tools built into MyIT Service Broker. They can also add new machine catalogs and/or new machines to an existing catalog.