Connector for Citrix XenMobile


The Citrix XenMobile connector links the Citrix XenMobile server to the MyIT Service Broker servicing and MyIT UI application suite to provide the ability to import mobile apps into the portal as services. It can also aid in retrieving, adding or editing information for devices or applications along with registering the employee's device(s) on the server.

Use Case Examples:

Setting up BYOD: An employee is using a BYOD and needs to set it up with all the productivity tools and applications needed to be fully productive. By using the connector, the end-user simply goes to the easy-to-use, familiar MyIT interface and requests the applications needed through a few clicks – even on mobile devices. The end-user experience was intuitive and because of the connector, the “time-to-productivity” was streamlined. Plus, one of the biggest benefits of all is the end-user is delighted because they can customize the way they can best work. This leads to much higher job satisfaction vs. being forced to use a device that they don’t want to use.

Activity/Licensing management: IT administrators can setup a ‘consumer-like’ experience through the easy-to-use MyIT interface and the power of MyIT Service Broker servicing to help their end-users get all the tools they need and in the way the need them. The connector also helps them make sure that there is adherence to protocols, provisioning, license management and even help with device enrollment/administration.