Connector for Flexera by BMC


The Flexera connector made by BMC to MyIT Service Broker helps end-users get the applications they need in a simple, intuitive way on the devices they need to be productive. The connector uses the familiar MyIT Service Broker UI and with a simple button push, the end-user can not only get the software they need but have it setup with the licensing, security and other IT enterprise provisos automatically in a very fast manner.

Use Case Examples:

Setting up BYOD: An employee is using a BYOD and needs to set it up with all the productivity tools and applications needed to be fully productive. By using the connector, the end-user simply goes to the easy-to-use, familiar MyIT interface and requests the applications provided through the Flexera platform. This can even be done on mobile devices. The connector enables an end-user experience to be intuitive, fast and ‘consumer-like’. Plus, one of the biggest benefits of all is the end-user is delighted because they can customize the way they can best work.

Activity/Licensing management: IT administrators can harness the all the detailed capabilities of the Flexera platform through a powerful, ‘one-click’ interface that their end-users will find very familiar. They can setup a ‘consumer-like’ experience but still adhere to all the policies needed to run a safe, secure and robust enterprise environment.