Connector for JIRA


With the JIRA connector, end-users can invoke a service (via MyIT Service Broker) using the intuitive MyIT UI to submit a bug(s) and log it into the JIRA software platform. This is a simple, ‘two-click’ operation to invoke an issue/ticket screen, fill out the appropriate information and then submit it into the JIRA software platform

Use Case Examples:

Submitting a ticket: A developer finds an issue with the code and needs to report it. Instead of navigating through a variety of interfaces to get to the JIRA ticketing system, the developer simply brings up the familiar MyIT interface, clicks on “JIRA” and the connector, working with MyIT Service Broker, brings up a screen so the developer can immediately start inputting the all the issue data. With a single-click submit, all the information goes directly into the JIRA software system and can be logged/tracked/reported through the native JIRA ticketing system.