Connector for Microsoft Active Directory


The Microsoft Active Directory connector allows organizations can initiate services, even with complex workflows, that create or modify entries in their Active Directory – all through the easy-to-use BMC MyIT user interface and the powerful, scalability of MyIT Service Broker servicing.
The connector can also be used so the user can perform multi-parameter searches, like Login ID, Email and Name. It also enables adding and editing users from specified groups to apply to the Active Directory.

Use Case Examples:

New employee on-boarding: Normally, there are a number of tickets submitted to various departments to get an employee ‘ready-to-work’ on day 1 at the new job. This can include: ordering phones, laptops/computers, authorization/access to company programs and information, etc… This spans organizations like IT, Security, HR, Site Management, etc… With the Active Directory connector, the single person responsible for on-boarding simply goes to the familiar MyIT interface and creates a single service (via MyIT Service Broker) to “on-board” and the corresponding tickets will go through the ITSM, Active Directory and other systems to set the employee up so he/she can be productive and has all the right tools/permissions to start working immediately.

Downstream management: Client Management tools such as SCCM and BMC Client Management use Active Directory to determine where software assets should be deployed. By using this connector, organizations can automate adding users to the correct application groups which will signal the downstream systems to take action.