Connector for Microsoft Azure


The Microsoft Azure connector enables provisioning of services, request tracking, and import of specific Azure items and provides a single or multi-icon end-user UI through the familiar MyIT.

Use Case Examples:

Utilizing Azure services: An employee needs to utilize Azure for a company project. Using the Azure connector, the employee simply goes to the familiar MyIT UI and can customize Azure with a variety of parameters like profile, workflow and other essential information from multiple regions. All this is accomplished through the familiar and easy-to-use MyIT interface. A variety of behind-the-scenes agents (via MyIT Service Broker) get launched from requesting new account access, applying authentication and security policies, to provisioning the new account and starting the new service(s). This also allows the employee to use the company licensing and provisos thereby avoiding costly personal expense and issues of integrating a personal account into a company’s one.

Activity/Licensing management: Through the connector method, IT administrators can deploy their employee requests centrally through the company account but can also perform service audits to help troubleshoot or avoid future issues.