Connector for Microsoft Office 365


The Microsoft Office 365 connector enables MyIT and MyIT Service Broker end-users to provision/start an Office 365 account (either direct or corporate accounts). This will also allow for account status and proactive notifications.

Use Case Examples:

Install Office 365 and OneDrive: An end-user wants to get Office 365 for his/her device and also needs to have an account on OneDrive that ties back in with the rest of the enterprise to enable collaboration. With the Office 365 connector, the end-user goes to the simple UI of MyIT and clicks on the “Office365” setup button. MyIT Service Broker spawns the appropriate behind-the-scenes jobs and directs them through the Office 365 connector. The connector interfaces back to the appropriate provisioning and account management systems within the organization and out to Microsoft for setup, authentication, installation and then run-time management. All of this happens behind the scenes and the end-user just sees the request go to manager for approval or installation begins.

Activity/Licensing management: Catalog administrators can accomplish all the provisos they need to properly setup their end-user customers but don’t have to subject them to all the ‘behind-the-scenes’ processes. The administrators have full configuration options (like domain, username, password, etc…), service start/stop, and many more they need in order to interface with Microsoft Exchange, OneDrive and Office 365. They even have access to reports to show usage as well as device type and even locations. This helps hone the experience and proactively look to see what is needed in the environment to best serve their employee customers.