MyIT Starter Kit


Introducing the new Digital Workplace Starter Kit, which provides a compelling, out-of-the-box experience by providing a pre-populated catalog of typical, common services addressing IT and Facilities request areas.

Check out some of the category of services available with the Digital Workplace Starter Kit:

For IT

Productivity Tools Requests: Give your employees the hardware, software, and/or services they need to be productive

Account Provisioning/Access: Allocate permission and access levels from BYOD to device/location entry to giving time-limited, Guest Wi-Fi privileges and a lot more

Troubleshooting: Helping employees with email, desktop, and all other general issues that need resolution

For Facilities

Customize your workplace: Adjust temperature, lighting and other workplace management

Office access: Set security access and scheduling to conference rooms, buildings, offices and parking structures

Ordering: From new office equipment to ergonomic assessments, employees can configure their office to maximize productivity