Cadmium Consulting s.r.o.

Registered (VAR)Support Partner
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Cadmium Consulting is a certified BMC Partner located in Prague, Czech Republic since 2013. The company was founded by Adam Neuman in London in 2008 and has grown ever since 2008.    We have a strong team of 20 internal and over 30 external consultants mainly across EMEA. Our team members come from a variety of cultural backgrounds and all speak English, over 10 team members speak native Czech and the most team members speak more than 2 languages. Our external network reaches as far as South and North Americas, Asia, South Africa and Australia.    Cadmium Consulting is a solution provider serving primarily Customers, other BMC partners and BMC Software Consulting Services. We have built and foster strong partnerships with BMC customers all over the world and with other BMC Partners in Germany, UK, Switzerland, Israel, USA and India.  Our main base, and a host of our 24x7 managed service and support centre is in Prague, Czech Republic.   Our team members have implemented BMC solutions since 1996 and some of them participated on BMC projects at customer site. We excel in BMC’s engagement methodology to ensure your projects are delivered completely, on time, on budget and to great customer satisfaction. Our priority is the ongoing value realization of our customers from implemented solutions by BMC Software which result in strong long-term relationships with our customers.    Cadmium Consulting focuses on high quality, agile, implementations of solutions by BMC Software. We currently operate implementation projects in several countries in Europe, Israel and India and support several customers in the USA.