CyberMAK Information Systems W. L. L.

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Kharafi Towers

P. O. Box 886, Safat 13009 Block 14,

Hamad Al-Sagar Street, Qibla Kharafi Tower, Building No. 6, Floor 14

Safat Al Kuwayt, Kuwait


+965 22323344

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CyberMAK Information Systems established in 1997 is renowned for its continued success and ability to deliver value globally. With our presence across the Middle East, North Africa and USA, CyberMAK is a recognized brand across diverse industries known for its technological expertise, industrial domain knowledge, market changing innovations and customer centric work culture.

Led by our multinational leadership teams with business and domain knowledge in Automation, Security, Software Asset Management, Multi-Cloud Management, AI & Machine Learning, Risk Assessment, ITSM, Smart Plant, Blockchain, Geospatial Intelligence and much more, we have contributed to the success of over 150 customers with 3000+ successful engagements in more than 15 countries.

Driving digital transformation projects for clients, CyberMAK adds business value, minimizes risk and helps optimizing quality, performance and costs in various industry verticals such as Banking, Telecom, Retail, Oil & Gas, Education, Government, etc., all of which has a direct positive impact on a company’s bottom-line and heightens customer experience.

We are the answer to gaining complete returns on your IT investments. Our teams of trusted advisors and knowledge experts bring our past experiences and use cases to ensure that the application of these technologies positively impact your business.