Expressdesk enables organizations to easily adopt Skype for Business as an efficient communication channel for organization’s employees to contact their IT Support, quickly replacing Phone and Email channels. Research show that 95% employees prefer to use Unified Communications over Phone or Email to contact their IT support, as they get instant feedback over their issues, and can send files or share their screen and even give remote control to service desk agents who can solve their issues faster.

ExpressDesk integrates Skype for Business with BMC Remedy (ITSM as well as custom applications) in several ways:

- ExpressDesk provides a single point of contact to your support customers (co-workers, employees, who are likely to contact the IT Support). This SPOC can be pushed to every employee's Skype for Business contact lists, in their "favorites" section.

- Starting a conversation with the SPOC, end users are welcomed by a chat bot that attempts to solve their issues. The Chatbot is "Remedy-aware" : it can use its webservice-based integration to Remedy to retrieve customer information, list of open tickets, knowledge base articles, broadcasts, information stored in custom forms, and so on. You can configure the way the ChatBot uses these information, the questions it will ask to the end users, and the conditional processing it will apply using a drag-and-drop ChatBot behavior editor.

- In case needed, the chatbot can transfer conversations to (real) service desk agents via Skype for Business. When the agent accepts the conversation, BMC Remedy appears embedded inside Skype for Business. Several automations kick in : customer and contact information are filled in automatically, chat transcript is automatically reflected in the work log, "quick messages" are available to the agent, files transferred over Skype for Business are automatically attached inside the Remedy ticket, and several fields (such as Summary, Service, categorization, imapct and urgency,...) can be pre-filled out of the assessment performed by the chatbot on the basis of the dialogue it previously had with the customer

- All Skype for Business features remain available: service desk agents can still do screensharing, remote control, voice and video calls (and this can be turned off by admins if needed)

- The client side integration also happens when Service desk agents work on their backlog of open tickets : Skype for Business controls are available inside of BMC Remedy, and presence of support customers is reflected in various consoles and tickets, so that agents are immediately aware that the requestor of a ticket is available for a chat. Starting a chat takes one click, and the ticket will automatically appear inside the skype for Business window, providing all required info (such as transcript of previous chats) to the agent.

- A dashboard provides an easy way to measure activity performed over this wonderful communication channel. It can be easily modified, and allows to build your own charts, KPIs and metrics, or build reports and extract data to excel.