Flexera Software FlexNet Manager Platform Adapter for BMC ADDM, CMDB, and BBCA


Flexera Software extends BMC’s cutting edge Asset Management and Discovery capabilities by providing the last mile in license optimization. As a leader in providing licensing solutions across software producers and enterprise customers – Flexera Software is uniquely positioned to provide up-to to-date product use rights, manufacturer sku’s, and application recognition reconciliation. Our unique solutions enable BMC Software customers to extend their current Asset and Discovery implementations for greater visibility and control while reducing additional costs and risk from being out of compliance.

Challenge from Current to Cloud

Enterprise IT has struggled for years to bridge the gap between procurement versus deployment. The pressure to enable cloud computing, bring your own device, and alternative compute requirements come up – the pressure to understand license posture and potential risks/policies that need to be created is even greater. How can a company migrate applications to the cloud without knowing what they are licensed for? What is already in use? Or if they are in Compliance?

Traditional discovery and asset management solutions provide great analytics, reporting and tracking but are limited in understanding of what was deployed versus the use rights associated with that license.

• Lost Software Due to Moves, Adds, Changes or Decommission – when IT turns over the hardware, often times the software is lost with it - making that a costly value proposition for any organization.

• Limited visibility in understanding license position or rights. Many customers end up overpaying for software because the reports do not provide visibility into: Downgrade Rights, Upgrade Rights, Multi-Use Rights, or License Posture to move to a Cloud or 3rd Party.

• Increased Audit Risks. Without visibility into use rights, correlating SKU’s – many customers report limited visibility on license position or their ability to defend it in the case of a software audit.

Solving the License Optimization Dilemma

Flexera Software has teamed with BMC to extend the value of their BMC Atrium Discovery Solutions and Remedy Asset Management to complete the last mile in the Business Service Management framework – License Optimization.

Flexera Software FlexNet Manager Platform provides comprehensive visibility, reporting and analytics for Enterprise IT to make informed decisions about migrating, deploying, and decommissioning assets from current to cloud. It extends BMC Discovery and Asset Management solutions by providing comprehensive License Optimization on purchased, deployed and product user rights analysis.

This enables BMC customers to have:

• Visibility across their environment in order to maintain continuous compliance. Enterprise IT wants to be the “broker of cloud brokers” as is recommended by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (www.nist.org) to maintain compliance but is limited due to needing visibility across the entire stack (on premise, off premise and hybrid). They need to know moves, adds, changes, licensing, and true costs.

• Tools to audit, report and enforce licensing across their environment. Prior to consuming new models in the cloud IT must first resolve the old issue of knowing what was purchased versus deployed in their current environment.

• Enhanced adoption, support and new models from their Application Producer providers. Enterprise IT wants to maintain compliance with vendor requirements and ensure their products will continue to work as advertised for their users. In order for them to adopt new architectures they need assurance their application producers will support the application/services in that new model and they will have a way to audit and contain costs of that new consumption.


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