In today’s complex virtualised IT environments, it is increasingly difficult to maintain an accurate picture of your infrastructure capacity, keep it aligned and optimised to changing business needs and avoid capacity related downtime or outages.

Fusion’s Capacity Optimisation as a Service (COaaS) brings a fresh approach to capacity optimisation and management. Delivered as either a SaaS or on-premise model, the service, which includes leading European expertise in exploiting and adoption of capacity management information, helps organisations to analyse their infrastructure data that across traditional, cloud and hybrid IT environments. It will highlight areas of infrastructure that need attention right now. It will detect complex growth trends and predict potential capacity related outages, weeks in advance. And it provides best-in-class ‘what-if’ scenario modelling capabilities to understand the impact of change on your infrastructure.

  • Reserve and schedule IT infrastructure resources for onboarding applications day-one
  • Forecast and model changes in demand to adjust IT resources as needed
  • Optimise the use of cloud services with visibility for best placement and cost of service
  • Plan and optimise your Hadoop infrastructure and budget
  • Report the cost of IT resources to business and IT stakeholders.

Capacity Optimisation as a Service for SAP

Fusion has extended its Capacity Optimisation as a Service (COaaS) for on-premise large-scale SAP implementations.

COaaS Diagram