KKC- Komputer Kraft Consulting

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Gold Coast, Australia

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KKC provides solutions that enable organisations to define, measure, and improve IT services to ensure that they meet agreed levels of quality and cost.

We provide a range of consultancy services and management services that enable organisations to:

•    Align ITSM with business objectives
•    Uncover improvement opportunities through Your SMP Consultancy
•    Maximize your return on IT through Business Process Automation focus
•    Assist organizations to execute IT strategy and achieve IT performance goals
•    Help organizations to achieve operational excellence through smart IT Choices

KKC offers a variety of service packages to enhance your capability in a particular process or technology.

Packaged Consultancy Services

The fundamental element of our packaged services is aimed at helping you get your services to market significantly faster while ensuring quality and reliability.

We provide the key skill sets you need and add depth to your current project development team without the lengthy and difficult process of budgeting for and sourcing new hires.

•    ITSM Process Design and Implementation
•    ITIL Process Maturity Assessment
•    New Business Process Development and Validation
•    Solution Architecture
•    Solution Implementation, Integration, Upgrade and Reporting
•    Application Support
•    Training and Education

Products we sell and provide dedicated services for:

BMC Track-It!

BMC Footprints

BMC Remedyforce

BMC Client Manager

BMC Control M


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