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KnowledgeBroker (KBI) is the leading KnowledgeBase Support Solution content provider in the market today. Established in 1992, KBI provides constantly updated KnowledgeBase Solutions for desktop applications, operating systems, mobile devices and more. KBI is focused on providing a Digital Desktop Support Solution KnowledgeBase that is easy to import into most ITSM/ Knowledge Management Applications and is fully integrated with search, ticketing and reporting features. KBI’S Support Solutions KnowledgeBase is used by service desk analysts for first call resolution (FCR)and end users for self-service. The quarterly updates cover new topics, new titles and new versions as they are released to the market.

KBI also works with companies to create custom content for their proprietary applications and to reformat existing silos of legacy content for import as Support Solutions into their new knowledge management applications. Use KnowledgeBroker as your back up knowledge content employees/agency.

Companies around the world use KBI’S Desktop Digital Support Solutions to resolve 'How-To' questions, Error Messages, and Problem Conditions. KBI’S KnowledgeBase saves time, reduces costs, and increases the efficiency of customer technical support.