KBI Digital Desktop Support Solution KnowledgeBase for BMC Remedy


KnowledgeBroker (KBI) is a leading supplier of KnowledgeBase computer Support Solutions for Help Desk Technicians and End User self-help. KBI’s comprehensive Digital Desktop Support Solutions KnowledgeBase provides step-by-step answers to problems for more than 300 Desktop and Internet Applications, operating systems, tablets, smart phones and digital devices. KBI provides our users with over 60,000 Support Solutions! Support Solutions are updated and new topics are added quarterly to keep your company on top of the latest information.

KBI's Digital Desktop Support Solutions KnowledgeBase for Remedy is a 'must have' resource for Help Desk Analysts and End User self-service. Use our KBI KnowledgeBase in Remedy Knowledge Management to source MyIT self-support and the Smart IT solution recommendation feature instantly. This makes accessing strong Support Solution knowledge easier than ever for both support analysts and all employees

Customers choose which titles to load into their Remedy Knowledge Management Application. They can then modify Support Solutions with company specific information. Based on our knowledge engineering and knowledge acquisition expertise and capabilities, we also team with organizations to develop searchable Support Solutions for proprietary applications.


  • Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Supports Knowledge Center Support (KCS) methodology
    • Jump start you KCS initiative with KBI KnowledgeBase
    • Supports Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) compliance
  • Improved Call Center Metrics
    • Saves time, cuts costs and increases the efficiency of technical support
  • Perfect for self-service
  • Fast, first tier help
  • Import in your existing Remedy Knowledge Management Application
    • Seamless integration with Remedy, MyIT and Smart IT
    • No additional application to learn and maintain
  • Helps companies leverage their current support investment
  • Better support center results
  • Reduces call times with short, concise solutions
  • Reduces call volume with End User self-service
  • Consistent answers shift-to-shift
  • Resource for employee training
  • Major cost savings - Buy vs. Build
  • Template for building proprietary solutions