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MainTegrity is an innovator, delivering file integrity monitoring software (FIM+) to improve IBM mainframe cybersecurity. FIM+ strengthens customer defenses in ways never before possible, while interoperating with existing security tools.  File integrity monitoring techniques have been used by Tripwire®, Qualys®, and others to protect Windows & Linux environments for years. Mainframes were left defenseless in this area - until now.

FIM+ uses advanced file monitoring to detect attacks from both external and internal sources. Because attackers use valid credentials, often stolen, it is difficult to prevent or even identify breaches with access control tools alone. By simply performing active comparisons between components in use, and their approved levels, FIM+ can identify harmful changes that may have been in your systems for years. FIM+ for mainframes will:

·       Verify whole systems and applications in use are correct

·       Detect known integrity exposures that bypass existing tools   

·       Identify deploy errors & accidental updates

·       Provide on demand audit verification

·       Invoke compare tools to reveal actual content changes

·       Interoperate with ServiceNow, Remedy, Splunk, QRadar, etc.

·       Assist with data center consolidations and synchronization

·       Eliminate administration effort with auto-discovery features

·       Transition mainframe integrity roles to newer staff  

FIM+ provides whitelists, backup verification and automated forensics to combat ransomware and other malicious attacks. FIM+ delivers improved compliance with NIST, PCI, GDPR, and bank resiliency requirements. FIM+ also provides deploy audit and integration with the DevOps toolchain.  

In addition to bolstering compliance and enhancing security, FIM+ is used to ensure that new releases of applications are implemented correctly thus greatly improving change assurance. 

System software running on multiple LPARS can also automatically be verified against a baseline version compliance this ensuring LPAR synchronization. 

FIM+ will help your whole team make the right decisions in your first hour of ownership. Imagine how productive your staff will be with your mainframe security information at their fingertips with an intuitive web-based view.

Installation couldn’t be easier. Built-in discovery functions allow FIM+ to locate sensitive components automatically. On-going monitoring provides early warning of problems and real clarity that you haven’t been hacked.

Company Solutions

FIM+ is an integrity management tool for z/OS. It monitors system, application, and configuration component...