Materna Smart Survey enables you to create and carry out your own customized online surveys with the BMC Innovation Suite. For example, after an incident has been resolved, the support desk can use this digital service app to set up a survey and find out how satisfied users are with the way it was dealt with. Other possible applications include customer satisfaction and staff questionnaires, market research and surveys for academic papers.

Materna Smart Survey makes it easy for support desks to create and manage their own online surveys. Three different types of questions can be selected: yes/no questions, open text questions, and ranking questions with up to ten choices. Questions can also be defined as required questions. All of the description texts can be configured freely. It is simple to duplicate and adapt existing surveys and new surveys can be created quickly too. All surveys and evaluations are presented in a clear and understandable way.

A progress bar helps users to fill out the survey. Access to surveys, which can be provided by sending a link to the users, can be for selected participants only or be made public so users without a user account can take part as well.

Solution Area

Service Management