Materna Information & Communications SE

Elite (VAR)Support Partner

Materna Information & Communications SE (Headquarters)

Voßkuhle 37

Dortmund Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany


+49 231 5599 00

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As a leading IT consulting company, Materna employs more than 2000 staff worldwide and achieved a turnover of EUR 254 million in 2017. Materna is a full service provider delivering a complete range of services for the premium segment: from consultation and implementation through to operations. Customers include IT organisations and business units in companies and the public sector. Materna is organised in six business lines: IT Factory, Digital Enterprise, Government, Communications, Mobility and cbs, their subsidiary for SAP from Heidelberg.

The IT Factory Business Line focuses on consulting services and solutions for IT organisations in the private sector and the public sector with an emphasis on enterprise service management, cloud management and datacentre automation, service monitoring, operations management and IT security. These are based on products from the company’s strategic partners, primarily BMC, which Materna then enhances with their own consulting and implementation services. The range of services provided within the IT Factory business line aims to increase the agility of innovative IT systems (systems of engagement) and also to reduce the cost of running classic IT systems (systems of records). Materna supports the transformation of companies’ IT for an agile future.