the Numerify IT Asset Analytics application improves IT asset management by uniting your asset data with interactive dashboards and Numerify’s analytical domain expertise. Analyze data from your CMDB as well as BMC Remedy and financial data to improve asset performance and effectiveness.

Tech Specs

Below are some examples of the analysis that comes pre-built for BMC:

Asset Tracking and Inventory - Dive deep into your consolidated asset data to identify and remove risks around outdated assets. Associate asset data with key processes such as incident, problem, and change management to quickly discover the root cause of service disruptions. Use predefined metrics, models, and calculations to track asset request trends while minimizing unplanned costs and downtime.

incident root causes dashboard

Configuration Integrity - Detect missing CMDB metrics and find data discrepancies such as missing fields, duplication, and inconsistency. Filter across all dimensions of your CMDB data to understand trends over time, ensure the continuous health of data, and support your ongoing discovery process.

detect missing CMDB metrics

Asset Health - Understand data quality and ensure your asset data remains correct, complete, and consistent. Gain greater insight into the current and past states of your asset ecosystem. Identify and quickly classify assets by group, vendor, location, and state to proactively understand compliance and risk issues.

reduce IT risk

Asset Lifecycle Management - Extract data from your IT system of record to identify expired contracts for expensive month-to-month leases. Locate trends in lease data by location, model, and owner, and pinpoint where information is inaccurate or incomplete.

IT retired assets insights