OpsGenie for BMC Remedy


OpsGenie is an alerting, on-call management and incident response orchestration solution that is highly complementary to BMC Remedy ITSM's incident management system.

What does OpsGenie offer to BMC Remedy users?

OpsGenie provides a powerful two-way integration with BMC Remedy. When a new incident is created in BMC Remedy, a corresponding OpsGenie incident is automatically created, containing rich information about the incident. OpsGenie provides rich notifications based on on-call schedules, rotations and escalations; to ensure the best incident management for BMC Remedy customers.

Functionality of the integration

  • When an incident is created in BMC Remedy, it creates an incident in OpsGenie automatically.
  • When an incident is closed in BMC Remedy, the related incident in OpsGenie is closed automatically. Also if any resolution detail is provided while closing the incident in BMC Remedy, it is added as a note to OpsGenie incident as well.
  • Optionally, you can specify whether you want to execute certain BMC Remedy actions automatically upon OpsGenie action executions such as Add Note, Acknowledge, Add Tag etc.


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OpsGenie - BMC Remedy Integration Guide
Sep 8, 2017
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