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Pressures on Communication Service Providers (CSP) to modernise operations and address the disruptions being brought to the traditional industry providers by ‘Over-the-Top’ (OTT) players offering applications and content directly to consumers, to the integration of the Internet of Everything (IoE) into everyday lives are just a couple of the trends that are disrupting established value chains and business models.

Whilst traditional CSPs must continue to focus on providing data and voice services that are high quality, reliable and affordable they also must contend with the competition from the rise of the Superplatforms being deployed by today’s technology giants using OTT alternatives and the Cloud that encompass CSP-agnostic devices and cloud based platforms which are setting new expectations for user experience and customer support.

Traditional CSPs need to adopt a new business model and strategic identity to maintain relevance in the market – the Integrated Digital Service Provider (IDSP) providing horizontal experiences across a broader ecosystem and in doing so address the question of scale and service capabilities.  It will be difficult for CSPs to embrace a new strategic identity by themselves, for this reason Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) and partnerships with OTTs will play attractive and significant vehicles in any adoption, this will pose new challenges for the IDSP, a consistent and seamless experience for both customers, employees and partners is necessary as is an infrastructure that provides for a collaborative, integrated enterprise with a consistent view of its customers and services within a converged digital ecosystem.

Taking advantage of the OS3 Digital industry knowledge and the success of the OS3 Frameworks to date, OS3 Digital have re-engineered and extended the approach to delivering industry leading service assurance capabilities across the traditional CSP and have established a portfolio of microservices that traverse both traditional BSS and OSS functions whilst enabling the IDSP of the future.

The traditional OS3 Suite remains supported and OS3 Digital will maintain compatibility and support for the next release of BMC Remedy whilst the microservices will be decoupled and available to customers with multiple platform integration requirements.