SAP America Inc.

Headquartered in Walldorf, Germany, SAP AG is a leading provider of enterprise management software solutions that integrate processes among many enterprises and business communities. Currently the 3rd largest ISV, SAP has over 47,800 customers in 120 countries and over 25 industry-specific business solutions, and more than 47,800 customers in 120 countries SAP Priorities: o Enterprise service-oriented architecture (enterprise SOA) - Enterprise SOA revolutionizes the design of business applications, enabling the rapid composition of business solutions. With enterprise SOA, you can encapsulate business logic and expose it as enterprise services - smaller functionality components that can be re-assembled quickly to compose new business solutions that meet changing business requirements. o SAP NetWeaver platform - SAP NetWeaver enables rapid but controlled business process change. The platform incorporates business functionality - exposed as ready-to-use enterprise services and process components - through its enterprise services repository. It also provides an integrated platform of composition technologies for orchestrating business processes, composing applications, and deploying innovative solutions. o BusinessObjects Enterprise XI - BusinessObjects Enterprise XI from Business Objects, an SAP company, combine end-user insight with flexible systems management for a single standard for performance management.