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How we can contribute?

During our more than 20 years in the market we have often seen even large and very professionally managed businesses have difficulties in getting their purchased IT solutions to support their Vision and overall goals as they would like. 
In our experience, to get even more out of their comprehensive IT investments, many companies would benefit from turning the overall vision into a series of concrete points (why, what, who and how). 
Thanks to our deep competencies in: 
• People Change Management (PCM) 
• IT Service Management (ITSM) 
• Service Integration and Management (SIAM) 
• Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) 
We can therefore help our clients to: 
• Identify and formulate the underlying goals and concrete benefits they seek from an IT implementation 
• Formulate a clear, communicable plan for the necessary actions and initiatives • Plant the coming solution and the underlying goals/wishes so firmly in the organization that it can grow and support the organization
• Acquire and implement the system solution themselves 
We have achieved the following Certifications: 
• BMC Helix Remedy Certified Professional  
• BMC Helix Discovery Certified Professional
• BMC Truesight IT Operations and Automation Certified Professional 
• BMC Professional sales partner 
• BMC RemedyForce sales partner