xMatters and BMC deliver the market leading solution for delivering the alerts and information that matters to mobile personnel

The xMatters engine for BMC Software matches events, incidents and process approvals to the right person, at the right moment, instantly delivering the information to the person. Once received, the professional may act, escalate or collaborate to solve the situation before it degrades or escalates further. This capability also allows business users of IT services to receive what matters to them, for the services they use, so they can take action faster than ever before.

This product provides:

  • Automated, proactive communication
  • Personalized communication with each person in the incident
  • Automated assignment, escalation, logging and response capability
  • Mobile access from popular smart devices including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows
  • Detailed audit logs and reporting ensures accountability and transparency

xMatters for BMC Software delivers rapid value by reducing help desk calls, proactively distributing incidents and improving decision making. The result is doing more, with less.

With xMatters for BMC Software, you will:

  • Reduce alert overload, eliminate duplicate work, and minimize the time to resolve an event
  • Assign incidents faster, speed event resolution, and dramatically reduce help desk costs
  • Have access to information that matters, when it matters, so you can do what matters - better than ever before


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