ZigiWave is the company behind the integration platform ZigiOps. 

ZigiOps: Deep Integrations for smart automation

ZigiOps is a no-code on-prem integration platform for your business application data. Born from the need to help you automate processes and enhance cross-team collaboration, ZigiOps seamlessly runs in your environment, while extracting and transferring data between systems in real time. Our recovery features protect you from losing valuable data in case of system downtime.

ZigiOps is a highly scalable platform, which creates powerful integrations within minutes with security in mind. Choose your connections from our growing list of systems, link many instances, and workflows.

With ZigiOps you can integrate many data points to automate processes, which will substantially boost your organizational efficiency. Our customers are experiencing 4X times faster internal operations and report high ROI, thanks to ZigiOps. Free your business from dependencies, human mistakes, delays, and rely on smart automation with the best integration platform.

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